Pupil Voice

Our children feel listened to at all times. As a concept, this is embedded into our school ethos and culture and we endeavour to support our children to become responsible, respectful and active citizens. Visitors and families regularly tell us that our children are confident and feel valued. 

Actively, we promote pupil voice and personal development by providing pupils with responsibilities and the power to change and improve the way that our school performs.

We have four groups of children that are working in school to make an impact on our whole school improvement.  These are our Arts Council, Eco Champions, Reading Champions and School Council.  We also have two elected head pupils, who hold the ultimate responsibility in representing the pupils voices in our school.

These groups are either elected in classes or specificaly invited by adults to the groups.  Each team is led by a member of our teaching staff who supports the children to make decisions and make a positive contribution to our school.

The member of the groups this year are displayed in school on our 'Our Voice Matters' display, for all to see.

We are extremely proud of the children, and the responsibilities they undertake in school.


School Councillors

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Eco Champions

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