Attendance and Punctuality

At Horn’s Mill we strongly encourage good attendance and punctuality. The doors open at 8.30am to allow children enough time to put their book bags and coats away, for parents and carers to talk to the class teacher and for Morning Challenges to be completed.

If your child is not in their classroom at 8.40am they will receive a late mark. If you bring your child to school after 9.10am they will receive an unauthorised absence for the morning.

Learning starts at 8.40am promptly in the morning, it is vital you teach your child from an early age the importance of punctuality and attendance.

Lateness = Lost Learning

5 minutes late every day

 3 days lost!

10 minutes late every day

6.5 days lost!

15 minutes late every day

10 days lost!

20 minutes late every day

13 days lost!

30 minutes late every day

19 days lost!








Absence from school is not encouraged and we are unable to authorise holidays and it is likely that you will be issued with a fixed penalty fine.  Absence will be authorised only in exceptional circumstances.

If your child is absent from school without prior notice, this should only be for genuine reasons of:

  • Illness

  • Family bereavement. 

When should your child return to school from illness? Click here


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You must contact school before 8.30am to explain why your child is absent. If no contact is made, school will text or phone you on the first day they are off school to find out why they are absent.

The following absences should be requested in advance:

  • Dental / Medical appointments

  • Day of religious observance

  • Participation of approved public performance

  • Exceptional family circumstances

  • Special Leave of absence

  • Traveller child travelling for work

Our Attendance Policy can be accessed here.

Please click here for the Government Attendance Toolkit.