Online Safety

Children at Horn's Mill have regular access to the internet as part of their learning. Our curriculum encourages responsible online behaviour ensuring children are allowed to enhance their learning safely through the use of technology.


In School

In school we use a filtering system which prevents children from accessing inappropriate sites. Our computing curriculum ensures children are progressively taught how to keep themselves safe online.

At Home

Today's society means that children will sometimes be given unsupervised access to the internet. Potentially, this will allow them access to all kinds of material both appropriate and inappropriate. Click on the links below to find some hints and tips to help you keep your child safe online.  Families can use the CEOP Safety Centre ( where they can report abuse and exploitation direct to CEOP. 

Social Media

Many of the sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat have a minimum age limit of 13, so children from Horn's Mill should not be using them. However, in reality, we are aware that some of our children do access these sites. More information is available at This site will allow you to make informed decisions about whether you feel social media sites are appropriate for your child or not.


Here are some additional helpful links with regard to online safety:

Image result for think u know    R.jpg  NSPCC.png    Know and See the Signs!