Operation Encompass


The current procedures for reporting Domestic Abuse incidents to schools can involve a lengthy delay in the transfer of information, which means that our children are left without the support and nurture that they need when they need it most. Operation Encompass has been created to address this so that by 9am on the next school day the school’s Key Adult will have been informed that the child or young person has been involved, heard or witnessed a domestic incident. This knowledge, given to schools through Operation Encompass, allows the provision of immediate early intervention through silent or overt support dependent upon the needs and wishes of the child.

At Horn’s Mill our Key Adult is Mrs Alison Lewis (Deputy Safeguarding Lead) or Sharon Wyatt (Headteacher and Safeguarding Lead) 


If you have any questions about Operation Encompass, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit www.operationencompass.org.

Cheshire West's approach to an Operation Encompass alert coming to school, and the process we would take at school can be found here.