Our Mathematics Vision and Aims

Pupils at Horn’s Mill Primary School study mathematics to participate in a modern society by being able to think mathematically, enabling them to use their understanding of number to reason and solve problems in a range of contexts. Our aims for our children are:

  • To be able to function in a modern society.

  • To be given the best possible opportunities to achieve their potential and a high level of well-being.

  • To be able to solve problems, not give up at the first hurdle and develop a high resilience.

  • To be supported in the next stage of their mathematical development.

  • To help to understand and investigate the world.

In order to achieve the above, we believe that children need to have a deep understanding of numbers, what they look like and what they mean. We therefore follow a CPA approach- Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract. This means that across all areas of maths, children will experience using resources and real objects before learning how these would be represented in pictures. Finally, when they are ready, they will move onto the abstract/traditional calculation. 

Children are given the opportunity to become fluent with a concept or area of maths. i.e. they learn to do the calculation or question, before being given the opportunity to reason and problem solve, to further develop their mathematical skills and use their understanding in a range of contexts. 

We use the White Rose Maths Hub schemes of learning to guide our maths teaching, as well as drawing on other resources, such as those from the NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in Teaching of Mathematics).

You can also find our school calculation policy attached, as well as calculation leaflets for each year group.

If you have any questions about maths at Horn’s Mill, or feel you could support this area of the curriculum in any way, please get in touch with Mr Lawrie.